Ha ha, deadline really can make people do their best as much as possible. My brain can't work anymore, and my body also can't move anymore...exactly to say, I have no other energy to do anything , all I want to do is take a break.

But just because of the deadline pressure, I broke my record. XDDD

I cataloged almost 110 books and corrected almost 120 books' records!!

Although it almost made me go CRAZY, when they were sent to book shelves, it's really a sense of achievement!


Living a busy life  is much better than doing nothing, isn't it?


The books and CDs I bought yesterday just received from 7-11. I really like delivery service very much!!  How great this service being invented!!

Today, I just knew that I not only being selected to the book select committee in TCL, but also being selected to the committee of 好書大家讀. These works seem interesting, and I am really looking forward to them.^^







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