(fail to meet the hopes or expectations of)

It's sad to read a boring book, especially I spent much time on it. After reading that book, all I thought is that FAME(or being called "BESTSELLER") really can't gurantee anything. 

Today, I had a strong sense of disire that I want to explore more beautiful languages as much as possible. I recalled my memory when I read "Pride and Prejudice". The sentences in that book all are  beautiful and graceful, and I desperately hope I also can use languages so beautiful as that writer.

Whenever I read "A consice Chinese-English dictionary for lovers", I always feel like writing something in English, no matter my grammar is right or not. I just want to express my thoughts in another language.

But my impulse always comes fast and goes fast, too.

I am so caprcious, I know.


Oh, it's time to go to bed. Tomorrow is still a busy day. And the sadest thing is that tomorrow is just Tuesday...






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